This was my first Rails app and lived at I should consider updating it to a newer version of Rails sometime.


An integration between Twitter and Dailymile that runs on Google App Engine. This was a great way to get started with Python and scratch an itch that I had.

I host the tweet-dm repo on bitbucket.


I am using this Github repo to collect all the miscellaneous dev notes/tips/examples that I have scattered around everywhere.


This is an on again/off again Android project for my coach and friend, Caleb Masland. The goal is a native Android app for all of his coaching tips.


This is a sample JBoss Forge project that I created in this blog post.


Javascript Playground

Just a play to try out some Javascript stuff


Site is built using Twitter Bootstrap (v.3.0.2) and hosted on Github Pages

I have several small projects located at and Feel free to browse, fork, contribute.